Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Finally, a pizza chain that doesn't suck

Wheat State Pizza

I don't care for most pizza chains. Some of them I downright despise. Domino's, Godfather's and Papa John's are all garbage in my opinion. My wife is of similar opinion. With this mind-state, it's sometimes a challenge to find a pizza place, particularly since Papa Keno's had their little problem with the taxman.

Yesterday, I finally found a place. After hanging out with some friends, I realized the prospect of going home and cooking a meal sounded unappealing. Then I noticed a Wheat State Pizza menu on their fridge. I'd had Wheat State a few times before, usually at corporate lunch-type things, which means I had only had it at lukewarm temperatures. It had been good, as I recalled, but I decided I'd like to try it hot and fresh. With this in mind, I gave the Wheat State at 8039 Santa Fe in old Overland Park a call.

They've got a good menu at Wheat State, with lots of topping choices and several tasty-sounding specialty pies. I opted for the Chicken Carbanara, one of the specialty pizzas consisting of alfredo sauce, chicken, fresh mushrooms, bacon and extra cheese. I also choose the hand-tossed wheat crust. Sounds good, right?

Approximately two minutes after I placed my order, my phone rang. It was Wheat State, they'd run out of chicken, but would be happy to substitute any other topping, and give me a free side. Pleased with this brave show of initiative often rare in the restaurant industry, I decided Italian sausage would be a nice substitution. As for the side, how could I pass up free hot wings?

The pizza was ready on time, exactly on the 20 minutes they promised, and when I got home it was still steaming hot, as were the wings. Those wings were okay, nothing spectacular, but not bad at all. As for the pizza, both Natasha and I agreed, it was delicious. The flavors of the toppings paired nicely with the creaminess of the alfredo, all of which were offset by the slightly sweet taste of the crust. And best of all, the pizza had plenty of cheese.

I liked everything about it. In fact, the only strike I'll offer against the place is that they have weird hours for a pizza joint, closing at 8:30 or something odd like that. I will definitely eat this pizza again, though next time I think I may go for the Hawk n' Cheese, the Strangler or the Mediterranean, all of which sound delicious.


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