Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Love the music not the food

A few months back, The DLC detailed his lunchtime trip to The Recordbar at 102o Westport Road. A few weeks back my wife and I were attending a Sunday night show there and decided to pre-buy our tickets, lest Mumiy Troll sold out. As we entered the place around 12:30 that Sunday, there was a sign out front proclaiming their "Famous Brunch". On the strength of the DLC's review, we decided this would be a good place to eat.

Now maybe their normal, workday lunch is superior to their brunch, but I found the entire experience average on the whole. First of all, there's something seedy about being in a bar during daylight hours. The scarred floors and obscene graffiti lack any sense of charm in the harsh, unforgiving illumination of sun light. But nevertheless, I like The Recordbar based on great past concert experiences, so it's easy to forgive this deficiency.

The brunch menu choices were few, but I decided I would have the Reuben (the greatest of all sandwiches), while my lovely wife Natasha had the smoked salmon bagel. Our server was very attentive, but of course, we were one of three parties in the place at the time.

In short enough order, our food came out. Natasha's bagel was actually quite good. With a healthy portion of smoked fish atop a toasted bagel, it was not bad at all. The accompanying potatoes were okay, as was the fruit salad, but what do you expect from a few grapes and pineapple chunks?

As for my Reuben, I was actually a little disappointed. The corned beef was sliced too thick, and irregularly at that, and the bread was a little mushy, not toasted like I prefer. As for the fries it was served with, they may have been good when they were fresh, but they had clearly been sitting for a while, and as a result, had become soggy. The flavor was okay, but overall, it was not something I'd be interested in having again.

With that said, they get extra points for having Cholula hot sauce. I like hot sauce on my fries and entirely too many establishments have only Tabasco, which I don't really care for.

In summation, while The Recordbar is a great place to see a show, I can't really vouch for their food. I may have just caught them on an off day, especially based on other reviews I've read. Overall, however, I'm sure I'll be back for another show, but not sure I'll be eating there.

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Anonymous said...

There's a new restaurant in Brookside (where JD's whatever, I believe, used to be), just a few doors north of Foo's Frozen Custard. Any chance you'll review it soon?

Brian said...

Julian's? I actually tried to go there on my anniversary, but unfortunately they don't take reservations and had a 40 minute wait. I've heard nothing but good things about the place though :-)