Monday, December 7, 2009

An odd combination

When I get the mail, the Valpak coupons go straight in the trash without so much as a glance. When my wife gets the mail, she sorts through it for deals, especially on new restaurants she'd like to try. This is how we discovered Tannah's at 5041 W. 135th St. in Leawood.

A recently opened place in a developing neighborhood, Tannah's offers a Sunday brunch buffet from 10-2 for $12 (no coupon needed). Always up for a good Sunday morning meal, we made the trek down to Oklahoma South Leawood around 11 AM to try the place out.

Though we had their ad, we weren't really sure what type of food to expect from Tannah's. Though there was a mention of won tons, I didn't think that it would be an Asian breakfast buffet, because that would be strange, right? I was wrong.

When we first entered, it became clear that this was a pan-Asian place. The hostess, a high school-aged girl showed us to a table (it was only moderately busy, the mega-church next door not having let out yet), and gave us a slip to fill out for omelets, which were made to order.

We filled out the slips, selecting ingredients from the dozen-or-so listed, and waited for our waiter to take our drink order. Apparently he was on a smoke break, because it took several minutes before another server came over and asked what we wanted to drink, taking our omelet orders and telling us to help ourselves to the buffet.

The buffet was extremely well run, with a dedicated server, plus at least two runners. As we approached, he pulled the lids from the chafing dishes, ensuring that the food stayed hot. Overall, it looked very attractive, as did the restaurant in general.

Starting off was salad, which I skipped, then breakfast foods like scrambled eggs, french toast, biscuits and gravy and potato skillets. I had a little of everything. Further down the buffet was the Asian cuisine. Featuring Mongolian beef, lo mein, and a variety of other options, it was thankfully not the same Sysco-distributed crap you see at other Chinese buffets, but apparently home-made food. And best of all (at least for my wife), the buffet also featured a chocolate fountain with a variety of fruits, cakes and marshmallows to dip in it.

Retreating back to our table, one thing soon became clear: this is an Asian restaurant, not a breakfast place. While all of the breakfast food was mediocre at best, the Asian cuisine was excellent. I particularly enjoyed the kung pao chicken, the pork sambal and the Schezuan chicken wings. They were all extremely delicious. Those foods with sauces had just the right amount, not swimming in it, like they are in most Asian places.

I went back for seconds. After my second plate, which is really my limit these days, our omelets finally arrived. I can't put my finger on why, but there was something I didn't like about this omelet. My wife agreed. Maybe it was the fact that I was already full, but there was a definitely odd flavor about it. Of course it didn't help that the salsa it was topped with (at my direction via the order slip) was clearly Pace or something similar, fresh from the jar.

I picked at this just a little before taking advantage of the chocolate fountain. The chocolate was awesome, and went very well with my coffee, which was a good quality brew, clearly not Folgers. Parfaits were also available for dessert, but neither I, nor my wife tried them.

Overall, I think I would definitely be willing to eat at Tannah's again, though probably not the brunch buffet, as breakfast food and Asian is just too odd of a combination. Clearly this place is working through a lot of the opening kinks, i.e., slow service, but the Asian food is really quite good, on par with any of the big name Chinese joints in Kansas City, including Bo Ling's or PF Chang's.

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Michelle T. said...

Definitely try again at night. I've never tried the brunch but Tannah's has been one of our faves since they were at the old location in Olathe. My experience with both service and food is without comparison at this price point. My favorite night to go is Friday when they have live music.